The Wrathskellar

The Wrathskellar

Purchased your ticket? Got your outfit picked out? Insurance paid up? Good.  Than read this note from Herr Bücher

“Eerily sinister and delightfully sensual…”

Tickets are available on-line or by calling (800) 838-3006.

Through the alley, back from hell, when you hear that steeple bell
The Wrathskellar is just off a fog-bound lane in Queen Victoria’s London or down a flight of stairs that Mack the Knife might have tread. In the dim limelight, a chanteuse sings forlornly of a lost love, while a diva plots revenge for some imagined slight.  Hearts, promises, and crockery are broken with abandon and secrets are hidden just below the surface.

The Wrathskeller is an evening of revenge, jealousy, greed, betrayal, lust, and murder… all to your favorite tunes.

The Boston Babydolls’ dark burlesque returns in October. This year the haunting cabaret is open in the Davis Square Theatre.

A departure from The Boston Babydolls usual mix of bubbly fun and retro glamour, The Wrathskellar is a moody whirlpool of sinister dirges, predatory laments, and torch songs in a minor key. Instead of big band and swing, the soundtrack for The Wrathskellar features atmospheric and evocative works from Lotte Lenya, Nox Arcana, Dead Can Dance, Leonard Cohen, and Gogol Bordello.

The show opens October 5 at The Davis Square Theatre (255 Elm St., Somerville MA).  Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets or by calling (800) 838-3006.

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TONIGHT AND WEDNESDAY’S SHOW ARE ONThe storm is will not impact our schedule. Performances on Sunday, 10/28 and Halloween Night, October 31 will go on as planned.


I’m confused about tables, menu service, and waitresses. Straighten me out
It’s easy. If you’re sitting at a table you can order food (limited menu) and drinks from your waitress. If you’re sitting in the Front Row you can order drinks from a waitress. If you’re in one of the standard seats, you don’t get waitress service, but can go to the bar before the show and during the intermission. The bar also sells some simple snacks (candy, nuts, etc.).

My wife and I went to last year’s Wrathskellar production in Cambridge and really liked it. I’m thinking of buying tickets again for this year, but I have a question. Is it the same play (albeit with maybe different performers) or do you change up the plot/scenes each year?

The basic plot of the show remains the same from year to year. That said, this year is very different from last year. Besides having some new performers, almost all of the acts are new and we’re in a new setting. We tell the same story in a different way and in a different place. We’re also even more immersive than last year, if that’s possible. There are a couple of ‘backstage’ atreas you might get to see, if you’re lucky (or wearing a Cursed Cameo).

Can We Dress Up or Come In Costume?

Absolutely! The Wrathskellar is a haven for faded elegance and decaying splendor.  We’re delighted when our audience’s attire matches ours.  Appropriate costumes are always welcome.  We’re less welcoming  to those dressed as Psy, one of the Power Rangers, or a cow.


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